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In a year no one predicted, how do we approach the other side?

The 2020 TEDxSeattle event brings together diverse speakers, community members like you, and ideas that define the future of our city and beyond. Expect the angles you haven’t seen and the perspectives you haven’t heard. To best further our mission of bringing you thought-provoking ideas, TEDxSeattle 2020 is completely free. Join a dedicated community ready to take a look at the other side.

Special artist guests Moses Sun, barry johnson, Kate Wallich, and Christin Call.


Opening Remarks from host Deborah Wang

Jane Roskams: Science of the people, for the people, by the people

Caprice Hollins: What white people can do to move race conversations forward

Dominic Sivitilli: Exploring the octopus mind

Matthias Olt: Biophilia, the future of architecture

Susan Long-Walsh: The path to building an anti-racist workplace

Caroline Catlin: What photographing death taught me about life

Thomas Deuel: Making music with your mind

Rico Quirindongo: Transforming communities through architecture

Jodi-Ann Burey: Why you should not bring your authentic self to work

Audra Mulkern: The key to the future of food

Richard Rhodes: Hammer, chisel, stone: simple tools for hard moments

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